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Statute XXIV

Appeals by Students

XXIV. Appeals by Students


A student who, in accordance with Statute V.4 has been suspended or excluded, or who, in accordance with Statute XIV.6 (xxiii), it is proposed should be expelled from the University may appeal to the Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee, which shall hear him/her in person, and the decision of which shall be final.


The Secretary to Council (or his/her nominee) shall at the time of notifying such a decision inform any such student in writing of his/her right to appeal and the time within which it is exercisable; and the student shall, if he/she so wishes to exercise this right, so notify the Secretary to Council within ten working days of being informed of his/her right.


On receipt of such an appeal, the Secretary to Council shall take steps to convene the Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee, and within ten working days shall notify the student of the date and place at which he/she may appear to be heard in person.


After hearing such student (or being satisfied that the terms of this Statute have been complied with and that such student has not exercised his/her right of appeal) the Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee may amend, ratify or revoke the suspension, exclusion or proposal to expel the student.


In the case of a student whom it is proposed to expel from the University, the Senate may direct that any such student shall be suspended from any class or classes or excluded from any part of the University or its precincts during the whole or any part of the time between the proposal of the Senate to expel such student and the decision of the Student Disciplinary Appeals Committee under paragraph 4 of this Statute, or in a case where the student does not exercise his/her right of appeal, the expiry of the period within which that right may be exercised under paragraph 2 of this Statute.


In this Statute:

October 2013

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