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University Governance

Charter and Statutes

Statute XXI


1. Council shall ensure that there are procedures in place in relation to:

2. In determining the procedures to be adopted under paragraph 1, Council shall apply the following guiding principles:

(Where there is any issue as to the meaning of “academic freedom” in any proceedings under Ordinances relating to this Statute, regard shall be had to Sections VI and VII of the Recommendation concerning the Status of Higher-Education Teaching Personnel adopted by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Paris on 11 November 1997). See Statute XXI - Annex 1.

3. Any Ordinance made under this Statute shall, except where otherwise stated, be construed in every case to give effect to the guiding principle in paragraph 2 and shall apply to all staff where a substantial proportion of duties involve the provision of teaching, learning or research in accordance with their terms and conditions of service.

4. For the avoidance of doubt, any procedure adopted by Council for the dismissal of academic staff by reason of redundancy shall not apply to a member of academic staff whose appointment was made, or contract of employment entered into, on or before 19 November 1987, and who has not been promoted after that date.

5.  The following Ordinances have been promulgated:-

Ordinance XL Staff Redundancy Policy and Procedure  

Ordinance XXXV Staff Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Ordinance XLI Staff Capability Policy and Procedure

Ordinance XLII Policy and Procedure on Other Staff Dismissals

Ordinance XXXVII Staff Grievance Policy and Procedure

Ordinance XLIII Policy and Procedure on the Use of Fixed Term Employment Contracts

Ordinance XXXVI Staff Disciplinary and Dismissal Appeal Procedures

Ordinance XLIV Policy and Procedure on the Determination of the Application of Academic Freedom

Ordinance XLV Procedure for the Dismissal and Removal from Office of the Vice Chancellor


Note: Amendments allowed by the Privy Council on 30 December 1974 and 7 April 1982 are embodied in the Statutes, and are indicated by *.

Modifications made by the University Commissioners and allowed by the Privy Council on 17 November 1992 are incorporated and are indicated by †.

Amendments allowed by the Privy Council on 14 December 1993, 24 April 1996, 3 September 1998, 10 August 1999, 27 July 2001, 31 October 2001, 8 May 2003, 20 August 2007, 9 December 2009 and 12 February 2020 are embodied in the Statutes, and are indicated by ¶, #, , $, ^, +, >, ~ ,% and &.