Levelling the playing field through scholarships

For students from low income households, it's easy to miss out on the best opportunities university has to offer due to costs. A gift to scholarship opens so many doors and ensures that a great Loughborough experience is open to all, regardless of their background.

A Loughborough Scholarship is a way to ensure that there is a level playing field for young people from low income backgrounds when applying to join our University.

We have hundreds of testaments to the impact a scholarship can have, not just on the decision to go to University, but to the experience of being here, and the skills that it equips students after graduation. Thank you to all who have continued to support us over the years, the impact you have had is incredible.

Rising to the challenge

Whilst in the last year we have supported many more students than previously, demand for scholarships has risen, particularly from those students from the most disadvantaged background. But with your gift today, we can help even more students than ever this year.

profile photo of a female scholar

Meet our scholars

Hear from a few recent scholars and find out how they have benefited from your donations.

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