Help support student mental health and wellbeing during this pandemic

The mental health and wellbeing of our students is our utmost priority. Together, we can make sure that nobody is left feeling lonely, lost or isolated.

A term unlike any we have experienced before

While our campus community is showing amazing resilience and ingenuity in maintaining the sense of togetherness that is at the heart of the Loughborough experience, we recognise the need to step up our support for the mental health and wellbeing of the most vulnerable among our Loughborough family.

A female student in a lab wearing a face covering

The coronavirus pandemic has meant that many of the traditional student social experiences and rites of passage will look different this year. However, with your help, we can provide the conditions for students to thrive; to socialise safely, to learn, and to experience peace of mind and good mental health.

With social distancing measures in place, the Loughborough Family is going above and beyond to come alongside our students as they settle in to their new homes, offering a listening ear if they ever feel lonely, lost, or worried at this time.

How you can help

Two male students being shown directions by a female Health and Safety Ambassador - all wearing face coverings

Our goal this year and beyond, is to ensure that the award-winning Loughborough experience our students enjoy is open to everyone regardless of their personal situation or their background.

We recognize that student life can be challenging at the best of times, and that mental health is so important in ensuring students are happy, healthy, and able to reach their full potential. Now more than ever, we must come together to support those struggling with their emotional and mental wellbeing in light of the pandemic.

Extra steps we've taken

We have adapted all of our support so that students can continue to access services remotely e.g. Counselling, mental health support.
We offer in person support to students who cannot access remote support or are in mental health crisis.
In collaboration with academic departments we have instigated an online process to support students who need to work remotely because of mental health difficulties.
We have continued to facilitate support from external partners with an emphasis on maximising support for students who are likely to be particularly isolated during this time, such as, Trans and non-binary students as well as support for those with eating disorders.
We are partnering with other universities in the area, with the Local Authority and with The Samaritans to widen support for students and work to prevent student self-harm.

With your support we can bolster existing services whilst ensuring we have the resources to adapt to an ever changing environment. We are working hard to ensure that students feel included in campus life and are given the support they need this year. Whilst most of our students are adapting to this new environment well and are enjoying their Loughborough experience, we recognize the need to ensure that nobody is left behind at this time.

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Mental health support activities

What is Loughborough already doing to ensure that our students' mental health is supported?

Mental health support team

They work hard to address students concerns and worries

Hall Wardens

They keep an eye on the living environment of students and offer close support in student accommodation


Offering unique and professional help to students who require involved support for their mental health


Our excellent long-standing student-run call service for students who need someone to talk to when things are tough.

Wellbeing advisors

A first port of call for students experiencing concerns around their mental health. Offering quick intervention and promotion of mental health awareness

'Heads Up'

A proactive Students' Union run association open to all students to share their own experiences and support each other and the wider community

Personal Best

Includes modules on wellbeing and personal development. It helps ensure that stress and worry around professional development or academic attainment is alleviated by helping students cultivate their skills and professional experience.

Covid-19 Student Ambassadors

Specially trained to help maintain and communicate rules around social distancing and offer advice to anyone whose mental health is adversely affected by the pandemic.

Your gift can make all the difference

We recognise there is always more that we can do to support our students.

With your gift, we can build on our existing support package whilst ensuring we have greater resources to adapt to an ever changing situation, able to offer robust, reliable support that works proactively to anticipate our student’s needs around their mental health and wellbeing as we move forward.

Make your gift today to support our most vulnerable students. Our Loughborough Family can make a real difference by helping to boost our existing student support services at the time they are being called upon the most.

How could your gift be used?


could fund a care package

for students who are self-isolating to prevent the spread of Covid-19


could help to train Nightline listening volunteers

allowing us to deal with increased demand for the service.


could help the mental health Support Team

run initial assessement clinics creating effective personalised support pathways


could fund a COVID-19 Student Ambassador

in their pastoral peer support role until Christmas


covers the cost of one-to-one counselling needs from a professional University staff member

allowing us to increase our capacity to support students in this way

The lives you can help change

Loughborough is proud of its diverse campus community, with students from all walks of life and from across the world living and studying together.

Mental health issues can affect anyone, and can manifest in different ways at different times and we must be ready to support a wide range of students at this time.

Which students will get help?

  • Anyone who needs help coping with mental health issues
  • Students facing increased stress or worry
  • Students who arrive at Loughborough with existing mental health issues
  • Students with unique learning requirements
  • Students who must self-isolate to stop the spread of the virus

A gift of any amount will make a huge difference to our students. We know that when called on for support, our alumni community give generously, meaning you won’t be alone in making an impact on our students lives.

Rahul Mathasing

Rahul's story - recognising the need to get help

Loughborough University alumnus and former Students' Union President Rahul talks about his battles with mental health and how the University supported him.

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Thank you for your support

To all of those who choose to make a gift or are already giving to support our students thank you. We will get through this pandemic by working together and ensuring that nobody is left behind this year.