Impact stories


Every year Scholarships give students like these the opportunity to break down that barrier and start working towards their career aspirations. Gifts from our donors, including donations in Wills, have mean that 32 students were awarded scholarships through the scheme last year and started their Loughborough journey in October 2018.

Meet Maddie

a photo of a scholar and a quote about the impact of their scholarship

Meet Ellie

"My family were involved in the horrific Manchester Arena bombing in 2017, which left my mum severely injured and in need of care, and myself suffering with PTSD and severe anxiety. The repercussions of this event have affected my ability to socialise and complete day to day tasks such as using public transport. I also struggle with memory and recall, which makes studying significantly harder.”

This is just one example of the difficult circumstances some students can unfortunately find themselves in. Some are also affected by family estrangement, chronic illness and acting as carers for loved ones. Difficult circumstances such as these can act as a barrier to the individual, stopping them from living life the way they want to, including attending university.

Speaking about what receiving the award meant to her, Ellie said, “Receiving this scholarship will massively transform my university experience as I do not want my health condition or personal situation to hold me back from pursuing my passion and chasing my dreams.”

As well as opening doors for students looking to study at Loughborough, Scholarships continue to enhance the experience of students that are already here.

Meet Laura

''I live in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, there’s a huge percentage of unemployment and only a small percentage of the youth go on to study at university. I am an avid sports fan and used to love playing hockey but the facilities in my area are quite limited which meant I had to travel up to half an hour several times a week to play. My parents have provided so much for me while growing up and were prepared to help support me during my time at university. But, my parents were not only about to help fund me through 3-4 years at University, but they were already supporting my older sister who was studying away at university too.

 The scholarship will help me achieve so much, not just academically but in developing myself as a person. Academically it enables me to perform to the best of my capabilities by having the financial support to purchase key text books that are not always available in the library and other essential study equipment. It has kept me on track to graduate to the highest of my capabilities later this year.''

Just that extra bit of financial support can have such a positive impact on someone’s life. No one can help their household income or their background, so by giving students the chance to flourish and develop during their time at university, it’s probably one of the best gifts anyone could ever give.''