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Dr Michael Skey

Photo of Dr Michael Skey

Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies

Michael jointed the Department of Social Sciences in June 2016. He was previously a lecturer in media and cultural studies at University of East Anglia and has also taught sociology at UEL and University of Leicester. He was awarded his PhD by the Department of Media & Communications at the London School of Economics in October 2008. His doctoral research was funded by the AHRC and a subsequent monograph based on this work was awarded the 2012 BSA/Philip Abrams Memorial Prize.

Michael’s research interests are in the areas of; national belonging, globalisation, sociology of everyday life, media events and rituals, mediatization, sport and discourse theory.  

Recently funded projects include a study of the experiences of ‘middling’ migrants in Australia and the UK (2012-2014) and an international collaboration investigating the staging, management and representation of media events, which used the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest as a case study.

Michael is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has taught a range of media and sociology modules including; New Media & Society, Media & Identity, Research Methods, Sport, Communication & Society, Theories of Media & Communication, Media & Globalisation

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