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Offering MBA internships

What is an MBA internship?

An MBA internship is an excellent way of attracting talent to your organisation. It is a cost-effective way to have a skilled MBA student with international work experience working in your organisation, bringing fresh ideas and inspiration to tackle one-off projects or particular management issues. Our students value the opportunity to contribute to UK organisations, apply their MBA learning and previous work experience and therefore add to their future employability.

Benefits of an MBA internship

  • Attract international talent to your organisation
  • MBA students are perfect for bringing fresh ideas to help your organisation complete projects, especially in areas where you may not currently have resource
  • MBA students are skilled in managing innovative change projects and can help your organisation implement smarter ways of working
  • MBA students can provide a low-cost consultancy to your organisation and help you develop projects in a number of areas, for example, business analytics, project management and innovation, social media marketing, staff development, business development, marketing, and new product research to name just a few

What type of internship can you offer?

The very nature of management as a function and the diverse needs, interests and background experience of our MBA students means it is difficult to set out a 'typical' MBA internship. However examples of current projects are in the areas of operations management, change management, digital marketing, information management, business development and market research.

Many of our MBA students offer a wealth of cultural knowledge and language skills which would be highly beneficial for organisations looking to expand into different international markets.

The internship will last between 45-52 weeks and usually starts at the end of the first year of study.

Recruitment process 


You will be asked to create a brief outline of the role you would like to advertise to the students. The students will then apply for these positions and you can make your selection and arrange interviews. The students can work for you full-time, employed by you on a fixed term contract for up to 12 months. The University will provide advice and guidance on visa aspects where these may be required.


We believe our MBA students will be a great asset to your organisation. The internships offered are paid employment, but salary is negotiable with the candidate and should reflect the nature of the work, location of the role, responsibility of the position and the hours worked.

Health and safety

When on their internship MBA students are your employees and are owed a duty of care. Therefore we require that each employer completes a short health and safety checklist which confirms that the organisation complies with the legal health and safety requirements.


International students who hold a Tier 4 student visa will have immigration permission for the duration of this programme including time to take a work placement as part of the course.  Under the conditions of this visa such students are eligible to work full-time in the UK for up to 12 months on a University approved work placement without the need to secure any further immigration permission.

Contact us

For more information about how a Loughborough University MBA Internship could benefit your organisation, please contact: Natalie Sermon on +44 (0)1509 228005 or