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Dr João Oliveira BSc (Hons) in Management, Nova School of Business & Economics (Portugal); PhD in Business and Economics, Loughborough University (UK); Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK)

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Lecturer in Marketing and Retailing

International Marketing; Export Performance; Export Marketing; International Marketing Strategy; International Decision-Making; International Marketing Ethics

Dr Oliveira’s research interests focus mainly on International Marketing, an area in which he has developed a solid research program, focusing on managerially relevant and substantive questions, such as international marketing strategies, international marketing decision-making, international marketing ethics, and international marketing performance. He has published in several Top-Tier International Outlets, including Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Information Technology, International Marketing Review, International Business Review, and Journal of Business Research.

Dr Oliveira has a vast teaching experience both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. He has taught numerous modules, such as Principles of Marketing, Principles of Marketing for Sport and Leisure, The Marketing Mix, Global Marketing, and International Marketing, among others. He has supervised many students across different levels, namely BSc students, MSc students, MBA students, PhD students, and Executive Education Students.

Since 2019, Dr Oliveira has served as Director of Joint Honours Programmes for the School of Business and Economics. Dr Oliveira is a member of the Editorial Review Board of International Marketing Review. He is also a peer reviewer for the Journal of International Marketing, the European Journal of Marketing, and the International Business Review. Dr Oliveira has secured research grants from various external sources, namely The British Academy, the Academy of Marketing Research Initiative Funding, and the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime. 

Zimmermann, A., Lioliou, E., and Oliveira, J.S. (2020) “How do Offshoring-Related Changes in Job Characteristics Affect Onshore Managers’ Affective Organizational Commitment? The Moderating Role of Perceived Organizational Valence”, Journal of Information Technology, Vol. 35 No. 4, pp. 316-36. [ABS 4; ABDC: A*]

Ngarmwongnoi, C., Oliveira, J.S., AbedRabbo, M., and Mousavi, S. (2020) “The Implications of eWOM Adoption on the Customer Journey”, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 37 No. 7, pp.749-59. [ABS 1; ABDC: A]

Hughes, P, Souchon, A.L., Nemkova, E., Hodgkinson, I.R., Oliveira, J.S., Boso, N., Hultman, M., Yeboah-Banin, A.A., and Sy-Changco, J. (2019) “Quadratic Effects of Dynamic Decision-Making Capability on Innovation Orientation and Performance: Evidence from Chinese Exporters”, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 83 November, pp. 59-69. [ABS 3; ABDC: A*]

Oliveira, J.S., Yazdani, N., Cadogan, J. W., Hodgkinson, I. R., Tsougkou, E., Jean, R.J.B., Story, V. M., and Boso, N., (2018) “The Empirical Link Between Export Entry Mode Diversity and Export Performance: A Contingency- and Institutional-Based Examination”, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 88 July, pp. 505-12. [ABS 3; ABDC: A]

Oliveira, J.S. and Cadogan, J.W., (2018) “A Multilevel Perspective to the Study of Export Venture Performance”, International Marketing Review, Vol. 35 No. 1, pp.186-99. [ABS 3; ABDC: A]

Gnizy, I., Cadogan, J.W., Oliveira, J.S., and Nizam, A., (2017) “The Empirical Link between Export Dispersion and Export Performance: A Contingency-based Approach”, International Business Review, Vol. 26 No. 2, pp. 239-49. [ABS 3; ABDC: A]

Souchon, A.L., Hughes, P., Nemkova, E., Farrell, A.M., and Oliveira, J.S., (2016), “Spontaneity and International Marketing Performance”, International Marketing Review, Vol. 35 No. 5, pp. 671-90. [ABS 3; ABDC: A]

Oliveira, J.S., Cadogan, J.W., and Souchon, A.L., (2012), “Level of Analysis in Export Performance Research”, International Marketing Review, Vol. 29 No. 1, pp. 114-27. [ABS 3; ABDC: A]

Research Grant (Co-Investigator), “Managerial Decision-Making Styles, Innovation and Economic Performance: A Cross-National Examination”, The British Academy, UK, 2017 – 2018, £10,000.

Research Grant (Principal Investigator), “Digital 101: Provision of Academic Research”, Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, UK, 2016 – 2017, £48,500.

Research Grant (Co-Investigator), “International Marketing Performance Implications of Emerging Market Firms’ Global Marketing Strategies”, The British Academy, UK, 2016 – 2017, £4,866.

Research Grant (Principal Investigator), “The Empirical Link between the Multiple Dimensions of Export Marketing Strategy Standardization/Adaptation and Export Performance: A Contingency Theory Approach”, Academy of Marketing Research Initiative Funding, UK, 2013 – 2014, £2,000.


Mingxi Yin (Graduated in 2019); Thesis Title: “The Internationalization Strategy of Chinese Firms: From Innovation to CSR”.

Gilles Ysabaert (Graduated in 2018); Thesis Title: “Earning by Learning: A Longitudinal Study on Reseller Engagement and Enablement in Channel Partner Programmes”.

Eleni Tsougkou (Graduated in 2019); Thesis Title: “A Multifaceted Approach to the Effect of Export Product Adaptation on Customer Value Creation”.


Cesar Moreno (Second Year).

Weiyao (May) Hong (Third year).

Director of Joint Honours Programmes, Loughborough School of Business and Economics (2019 – Current).

Member of University Senate.

Lead Guest Editor of Forthcoming Special Issue "Decision-Making in International Marketing", International Marketing Review.

Lead Track Chair of "Decision-Making in International Marketing" Track, 2020 Global Marketing Conference (GAMMA), November 5 – 8 (Virtual Conference).

Editorial Review Board Member of International Marketing Review.

Peer Reviewer: Journal of International Marketing; International Marketing Review; European Journal of Marketing; International Business Review.

Research Partnership with Department for International Trade (DIT); (Ongoing). 

Evaluation of “Digital 101” project, developed with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS, London), in collaboration with Twitter and Microsoft (2016 – 2017).