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Dr Anna Raffoni Ms, PhD

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Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance Director of MSc Corporate Finance

Anna joined Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics in January 2015 as a Lecturer in Accounting. She previously held academic positions at University of East Anglia and Cranfield University School of Management. Before moving to UK, she was Lecturer in Management Accounting at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Bologna and member of the faculty of the Bologna Business School.

Anna was awarded PhD in Management Accounting (customer value management) at the University of Florence in 2009.

Anna’s research interests cover two main areas within the accounting field:

  1. performance measurement systems (PMS),
  2. cost management.

In the PMS field her work focuses on the design, use and effect on business performance of performance measurement systems in private sector organizations. Within this area Anna is particularly interested in the measurement and management of customer-firm relationships in B2B settings. Her approach is interdisciplinary and sits at the interface between accounting and marketing.

In the field of cost management Anna participated to national and international academic projects concerning the use of advanced cost management techniques to support and improve processes' efficiency and effectiveness. Within this area her interests also include lean accounting and the study of the organizational and operational issues concerning its implementation.

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