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Thinking of doing a PhD?

If you're interested in joining a dynamic community of talented researchers from around the world to explore research questions that matter, we would like to hear from you.

Discover the topics we're interested in supervising PhD study in below.

Our research topics

Within the Economics group we are especially keen to receive PhD research proposals in the following areas:

  • macroeconomics: monetary policy, economic development
  • financial economics and financial technology
  • microeconomics: industrial economics, productivity analysis, energy and environmental, behavioural economics
  • international economics: international money and finance, exchange rates, international trade, foreign direct investment, globalisation

In addition to this however, group members are willing to consider PhD research proposals in the areas listed below.

Please use the list below to identify a potential supervisor(s), develop your research proposal, share this with the identified supervisor(s) and confirm they are willing to be named in support of your application. You are encouraged to ask for feedback from them to develop your research proposal. Then you should be ready to formally apply.

  • Morakinyo Adetutu: environmental and energy policy, pollution risk, climate finance
  • Anna Bennato: industrial economics, behavioural economics
  • Vitor Castro: economic growth and business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy, political economy, health economics, applied econometrics
  • Simeon Coleman: development economics, macroeconomic dynamics, international economics
  • Alessandra Ferrari: applied econometrics, performance measurement, banking, efficiency, regulation and competition
  • Ben Ferrett: tax competition for FDI, international trade, applied game theory, history of economic thought
  • Bo Gao: international trade, firm heterogeneity, trade policy, gains from trade
  • Monica Giulietti: industrial economics, regulation, energy markets and technology
  • Eric Pentecost: international monetary economics, especially capital flows, currency substitution and exchange rates
  • Christopher Spencer: household portfolio allocation; the history of the US Federal Reserve System; monetary policy making, especially the interest rate setting behaviour of monetary policy committees and central bank communication
  • Dawid Trzeciakiewicz: fiscal policy, interactions between fiscal and monetary policy, DSGE modelling
  • Vanessa Valero: experimental economics, behavioural economics, public economics
  • Christopher Wilson: industrial economics, behavioural economics, applied microeconomic theory
  • Justine Wood: central bank transparency, monetary policy, financial economics, economics of education, history of economic thought

Saad Abdullah Abu Alim
Supervisors: Calice & Castro
Dissertation Title: 'Corporate governance and firm performance: The moderating effect of national governance quality.'

Aycan Akoglu
Supervisors: Rasciute & Downward
Dissertation Title: 'Life satisfaction and unemployment, implications for future policy decisions: analysis using longitudinal panel data.'

Portia Mma Akolgo
Supervisors: Ahmad, Wood & Adetutu
Dissertation Title: 'Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth and Economic Development in West Africa: Evidence of Women in Northern Ghana.'

Robert Akunga
Supervisors: Ahmad & Coleman
Dissertation Title: 'Macroeconomic Variables and Stock Market Integration. A Case Study of the East African Community.'

Thaer Alhalabi
Supervisors: Castro & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'Impact of the Financial Crisis on Profitability and Dividend Payout of UK Firms.'

Randa Al-Tayan
Supervisors: Ahmad & Coleman
Dissertation Title: 'Analysis of Risk Management Framework of Banks for managing financing to SMEs.'

Saheed Bello
Supervisors: Saal, Robertson & Nieswand
Dissertation Title: 'Business Analytics for Public Services and Regulated Industries: New Techniques for Analytics-Driven Decision Making in Traditional Industries.'

Davina Bird
Supervisors: Garrod, Wilson & Russo
Dissertation Title: 'The Effects of Consumer Protection Policy on Market Competition and Business Behaviour.'

Yihui Cao
Supervisors: Triebs, Tumlinson & Sickles
Dissertation Title: 'Selection and Sorting in Education.'

Qi Chen
Supervisors: Edwards & B Gao
Dissertation Title: 'Wage Inequality, Unemployment and Skilled-Biased Technology Change (SBTC) in the Global economy.'

Elisa Deffenu
Supervisors: Spencer & Pentecost
Dissertation Title: 'Developing and Testing New Measures of Exchange Market Pressure.'

Petr Harasimovic
Supervisors: Milne & Trzeciakiewicz
Dissertation Title: 'The optimal design of monetary policy within the framework of a micro-founded, New Keynesian type model.'

Nkenchor Igue
Supervisors: K Glass, Coleman & A Glass
Dissertation Title: 'The Impact of Regulation on Microfinance in Nigeria.'

Yasmin Jaaron
Supervisors: Saal & Nieswand
Dissertation Title: 'System Optimisation and Performance Measurement in Network Industries.'

Fatima Abdullahi Jika
Supervisors: K Glass & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'The Roles of Regulation and Supervision of Financial Institutions and Competition in the Financial Sector for Inclusive Growth.'

Esmie Koriheya Kanyumbu
Supervisors: Green, Sirichand & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'Banking System Liquidity Management, Interbank Market and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Malawi.'

Leyla Mammadova
Supervisors: Milne & K Glass
Dissertation Title: 'Regulatory Changes and Their Impact on Banking Business Models and Performance.'

David McNulty
Supervisors: Milne & K Glass
Dissertation Title: 'An investigation into the influence of regulatory environments upon financial crises and vice versa.'

Sathya Mellina
Supervisors: Spencer, Sirichand & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'Central Bank Communication and Financial Crises.'

Angela Cryton Nelson Mjojo
Supervisors: Ahmad, Milne & Moghaddasi Kelishomi
Dissertation Title: 'Essays on Financial Stability in Malawi.'

Thanh Cong Nguyen
Supervisors: Castro & Wood
Dissertation Title: 'Causes, Timing and Consequences of Financial Crises.'

Rieman Rudra
Supervisors: Castro & Calice
Dissertation Title: 'Asset Pricing Model - Mispricing and Sentiment Factors.'

Kedibonye Sekakela
Supervisors: Pentecost & Ahmad
Dissertation Title: 'Productivity Growth and its Determinants in Botswana: The Role of Fiscal Policy and the Financial System.'

Shandelle Steadman
Supervisors: Giulietti & Bennato
Dissertation Title: 'The Role of Prosumers in Future Energy Markets.'

Vo Huyen Trang Tran
Supervisors: Ferrari & Milne
Dissertation Title: 'An Assessment of Vietnamese Banks' Performance.'

Nurzhan Ussenbayev
Supervisors: Ahmad & Pentecost
Dissertation Title: 'Exchange Rate Modeling.'

Amit Verma
Supervisors: Saal, Giulietti & Upul (Science)
Dissertation Title: 'Understanding the Potential of Hydrogen Technology Adoption in a Complex Changing Energy System.'

Thomas Woodhead
Supervisors: Spencer & Castro
Dissertation Title: 'How innovation in the upstream hydrocarbon industry impacts currency exchange.'

Yupei Wu
Supervisors: Edwards, Gao & Valero
Dissertation Title: 'Bank Competition and Export Quality.'

Morakinyo Opeoluwa Adetutu
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: Loughborough University

Frederick Senanu Ahiabor
Current role: Lecturer in Finance
Employer: De Montfort University

Victor Abiodun Ajayi
Current role: Research Associate
Employer: Energy Policy Group, University of Cambridge

Adedoyin Babajide
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: University of Derby

Mohammad Hadi Hazwan Bin Haji Haini
Current role: Lecturer
Employer: University of Brunei Darussalam

James Ian Carroll
Current role: Consultant
Employer: Atos Consulting

Mustapha Douch
Current role: Lecturer in Business Economics
Employer: University of Edinburgh

Daniel Gravino
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: University of Malta

Atilla Gumus
Current role: Senior Lecturer in Economics
Employer: Nottingham Trent University

Tien-Der Jerry Han
Current role: University Teacher in Economics
Employer: Loughborough University

Paraskevi Katsiampa
Current role: Lecturer in Financial Management
Employer: Sheffield University 

Thanh Cong Nguyen
Current role: Lecturer in Financial Management
Employer: Phenikaa University (Hanoi, Vietnam)

Jumpon Kluaymai-Ngarm
Current role: Lecturer
Employer: Stamford International University (Thailand) 

Ruochen Li
Current role: Assistant Professor in Economics
Employer: Center for Economic Research, Shandong University, China

Alhassan Allie Mansaray
Current role: Director
Employer: Fiscal Risk Management and State-owned Enterprises Division, Ministry of Finance, Sierra Leone

Saleh Said Salim Masan
Current role: Under-secretary
Employer: Ministry of Commerce, Oman

Arman Mazhikeyev
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: University of Lincoln

Carlos Sakyi-Nyarko
Current role: Research Associate
Employer: Loughborough University

Burcu Senalp
Current role: Assistant Professor in Economics
Employer: Kirklareli University, Turkey

Umut Erksan Senalp
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: Trakya University, Turkey

Akinsehinwa Sharimakin
Current role: Lecturer in Economics
Employer: University of Coventry

Shiwei Su
Current role: Lecturer 
Employer: Henan University of Law and Economics, China

Yuan Tian
Current role: Lecturer 
Employer: Nanjing Audit University, China