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Grammatoula Papaioannou

Professional Education at the SBE

Enhance and develop your managers

Our aim is to nurture talent and develop self-assured professionals with the management and practitioner skills and capabilities to make effective decisions and drive organisational performance.

Whether tailored or open, our programme experiences are powerful, interactive processes of discussion, discovery and application. 

Throughout our programmes, we utilise a range of methodologies to enhance the learning experience:

  • goal setting
  • contemporary case study analysis
  • peer interaction and teamwork
  • innovative teaching styles
  • hands-on implementation

The impact is both immediate and long term. Delegates emerge from our programmes with the leadership capacity to lead your organisation upwards toward greater success.

Our corporate partnerships with more than 400 organisations in over 20 countries around the world ensure that our teaching and research is informed by the latest best-practice through relevant case studies, guest speakers and unbeatable networking opportunities.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to develop your managers into leaders.