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Physics at Loughborough: Shannon's story

Shannon's early childhood interest in space and astronomy spurred an enthusiasm for physics that led her to discover the breadth of the subject and the outstanding facilities on offer at Loughborough University. Find out more about Shannon's story by watching her video.

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Achieving high levels of student satisfaction in the National Student Survey, our staff pride themselves on the supportive and stimulating environment that has been created within the Department of Physics.

Here's what some of our undergraduate students have to say about their experiences.

Una Davies - BSc Physics graduate

Una graduated with a 1st Class degree in BSc Physics and is now undertaking a PhD at the University of Cambridge studying Nuclear Engineering. She talks to us about her Loughborough experience.

What are you doing now?

PhD student in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Cambridge

How did your degree help?

My degree in Physics laid the foundation for my PhD studies today. I use the mathematical and problem solving skills I developed at Loughborough on a daily basis, while the modules on nuclear physics and quantum mechanics helped me decide on a career in nuclear energy. I really enjoyed the opportunity to do independent research for my dissertation project, which I found an excellent preparation for my master’s and PhD studies.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I really enjoyed getting involved in the Physics Student Committee, where I held the positions of Social Secretary and Vice Chair over the course of my studies. We organised social events, group discussion forums, and even a trip to visit the Large Hadron Collider at CERN!

Did your time as a Loughborough student develop your self-confidence?

I never used to enjoy public speaking but I found that doing presentations as part of assessed modules really helped me to get more comfortable speaking in front of people. My positions on the Student Committee improved my organisational skills, while going on a placement year and gaining experience in a workplace environment was great for my work ethic and self-confidence.

What made you choose Loughborough University?

I chose Loughborough because of the university’s excellent links with industry and emphasis on placement years. I knew that I wanted to gain practical experience during my degree and Loughborough made the whole process really easy to organise. I also liked the fact that I could choose some elective modules each year as this gave me the opportunity to broaden my studies and pick up new skills.

If you could give one piece of advice to a prospective student, what would it be?

My advice would be to take advantage of the elective modules offered so that you can tailor your studies to your own particular interests. Try to get involved in the social side of the physics department as it’s enormously helpful to have a support group, especially during exam time. And make an effort to go to every lecture!

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Elizabeth Atoyebi (Physics)

I chose to come to Loughborough because I saw it as a prestigious University and Physics as an extremely useful degree subject. The content and skills developed while studying can be related to many fields. A Physics degree gives you many career options. I hope to go into data analysis or advisory services. The analytical and data handling skills developed in labs would certainly help with this. Studying Physics also changes your way of thinking and makes you see things in a way that others may not.

I feel that Physics is perfect for getting a balanced view of how the world works. I also liked the fact that I was given the option of taking modules in other departments. This allowed me to study languages, and I’d like to use the Spanish I learnt while at University, so I may travel when I graduate.

The teaching is up to a standard that you would expect at such an institution. Physics being a relatively small department means that lecturers can spend more time speaking to each of us. It was very easy to see lecturers at their offices.

I enjoy living on a campus; there is a great sense of community. It is also easy to get from one end to the other.

To anyone considering Loughborough for their Physics degree, I say: go for it! It’s a flexible course at a great university.

Sébastien Roger (Engineering Physics)

I was attracted to Loughborough because of its ability to provide a very high quality of teaching while being a diverse institution with a great campus and social life.

I chose Engineering Physics as I have always loved physics while at school and knew I wanted to work in the industry sector.

After graduating, I wish to pursue my career in research and development in the defence industry. The great thing about the Engineering Physics degree is that you can choose what you want to study in your third year, which provides you with a huge degree of freedom to tailor your studies to fit your career goals.

The teaching quality in Loughborough is incredible. Lecturers are approachable and have an open door policy, which means that you can step into their office at any time of the day to ask them about a problem you cannot solve or something in a lecture that you didn't quite grasp. There is always someone there ready to help me if I need it.

Loughborough University has an incredible social life on campus. With over 50 different sport clubs and 70 societies at Loughborough University you can’t help but be active and hard-working. The campus and Union is so diverse that I’m still discovering new places and things to do. It’s also feels like a safe town to live in.

My advice to anyone thinking of studying here would be to come to an Open Day and see for yourself. If you like Loughborough University campus and its atmosphere don't think twice – a lot more awaits you! Overall, I don't think any other university could have suited me as perfectly as this one. So pick a sport, pick a society and let the fun begin!

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Aanchel Bhabuta (Physics and Maths)

Physics and Maths have always been massive loves of mine, The subjects really complement each other and cement my understanding of important concepts. I also consider variation to be important, so not get too bored of just one subject. Finally, I knew that the versatility of two subjects would help me when pursuing graduate careers as it showed a skill in two subjects and an ability to think logically in two different ways.

I decided to study Physics and Maths MPhys at Loughborough because I loved how small the department was; there was a real feeling of close teaching where I would get more individual help rather than being one out of hundreds with no one to turn to if I got stuck. I also knew that the University and the department had a good reputation and strong links to the industries that I want to work in after completing my Master's.

What I enjoy most about the course is the range of modules and the ability to really consider and learn new concepts, whilst seeing where they came from and how they have developed. My studies take me on an interesting path of learning things for the sake of it, and also learning things because I am interested in what is being taught. The teaching quality at Loughborough is excellent; lecturers employ a variety of teaching methods. They are very approachable, with all of my questions answered enthusiastically and my opinions about the lectures and modules listened to and acted upon.

I have done a professional placement, a software engineer for a technology company and learnt a great deal about the industry and how my degree translates to the real working world. I gained valuable experience and an insight into how important my degree will be for any job due to the knowledge and transferable skills it provides me with. I have not yet decided what career path to pursue, however I am confident that my degree will help me to find a great job in a desirable field. I am interested in going into the engineering industry as my theoretical understanding of physics would aid that well - or I may just try to find a job as a roller-coaster designer!

The general student life at Loughborough is great; a wide range of societies and different types of people so I never feel alone. I especially enjoy the campus-style of living, where you're surrounded by like-minded people.

If I was talking to someone considering studying Physics at Loughborough, I would tell them to take some time to really discover what they enjoy learning and why they enjoy learning it. Loughborough have a fantastic department who thrive on supporting students through any problems and personal tutors who offer as much help as you could want. Loughborough is the perfect place to learn and Physics has so much to offer, with so many choices of modules that even if you find that you're not enjoying something, you will definitely find something that will fit your interest, whether it's cosmology or exploding matches in the laboratory!

Bernice Li (Physics)

The variety of topics we study in the department ensures we have the right foundation and necessary knowledge.

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