Vittorio completed his PhD in 2022 at the Emergent Photonics (EPic) Laboratory at the University of Sussex. Thesis title “Spatiotemporal Control of Terahertz Waves in Random Media via Nonlinear Ghost Imaging”.

His PhD - funded by the ERC-Consolidator project “TIMING” (PI: Prof. Marco Peccianti) - was initially focused on investigating the Nonlinear Ghost Imaging methodology and then focused on studying terahertz field propagation in random scattering media, which represents the continuation of the ERC-Consolidator project “TIMING”.  

Moreover, Vittorio worked on ultrafast nonlinear interaction for terahertz generation and field manipulation in complex photonic systems and surfaces. For instance, in 2020, he joined the research project to develop random terahertz emitters “THink”, a random terahertz-emitting-ink. He is an inventor of the core patent developed in the ERC-Proof-of-Concept project “THink” (PI: Prof. Marco Peccianti), aiming to identify the best route to commercialisation. 

In September 2022, he joined Loughborough University with the Emergent Photonics Research Centre as a Research Fellow in Photonics 

In 2024 he was awarded one of ten Vice Chancellor Independent Research Fellowships at Loughborough University.

Please feel free to contact Vittorio for any questions related to his research.

  • Researcher in Terahertz light and nonlinear optics

  • Terahertz field manipulation through scattering media
  • Hyperspectral nonlinear ghost imaging
  • Terahertz generation in quasi-2D systems
  • Terahertz emission from disordered systems
  • Terahertz microscopy
  • Advisor for the Loughborough University OPTICA Student Chapter (Outreach activities in Optics)
  • Reviewer for the following journals: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review Applied, Optics Letters, MDPI, Applied Physics Letters

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Peccianti, Dalton, Ogilvie, Pasquazi, Totero Gongora, Peters, Tunesi: "Terahertz-emitting-ink (THINK)", patent pending (2020)