Luke completed his PhD in 2018 at the Emergent Photonics (EPic) Lab within the University of Sussex. He investigated theoretically and experimentally ultrafast nonlinear interaction for terahertz generation and manipulation in complex photonic systems and surfaces, recognised via the Roger Blin-Stoyle PhD award for an outstanding PhD thesis.

 In 2018 He joined the ERC-Consolidator project "TIMING" (PI: Prof. Peccianti) as a Research Fellow, where his research focused on the Nonlinear Ghost Imaging. In 2019 He was a research fellow at KAUST in Saudi Arabia, developing industrial IP for Machine Learning for bio-imaging. In 2020 He re-joined the Epic Lab on a research project for the development of random terahertz emitters and “THink”, a random terahertz-emitting-ink. He is an inventor of the core patent developed in the ERC-Proof-of-Concept project “THink” (PI: Prof. Peccianti) aiming to identify the best route to commercialisation.

Recently, Luke extended his research on the investigation of terahertz propagation in random media which represents the deliverable of the ERC-Consolidator project "TIMING" supporting his research from July 2022 - August 2022 in which time he joined Loughborough University with the Emergent Photonics Research Centre as a Research Fellow. 

In September 2022, he secured a Leverhulme trust “Early Career Fellowship,” for the project SIGNAL which will fund his research on terahertz scattering and communications for the next three years.

Please feel free to contact Luke for any questions related to his research.

- Scattering management for Terahertz communications

- Hyperspectral nonlinear ghost imaging

- Terahertz generation in quasi-2D systems

- Terahertz emission from disordered systems

- Terahertz microscopy

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Reviewer for the following journals:

  • Scientific Reports
  • Optics Express
  • Optics Materials Express
  • OSA Continuum
  • Optical Fiber technology
  • Photonics Research
  • Journal for the Optical Society of America B
  • Applied Sciences
  • Frontiers in Photonics.


Conference Committee: Conference committee member for Integrated Photonics, Advanced Photonics Congress (2021-Current