Dr Alexander Balanov


  • Head of Department
  • Senior Lecturer in Condensed Matter Physics

Research areas

  • Nonlinear Physics
  • Quantum transport
  • Microwave and Terahertz electronics
  • Biophysics

Some research in pictures

Quantum transport in semiconductor nanostructures

Semiconductor superlattice illustration

Semiconductor superlattices are nanostructures made from alternating layers of two different semiconductor materials, usually with very similar lattice constants, for example, GaAs and AlGaAs

Chaotic electron trajectory

Chaotic electron trajectory in semiconductor superlattice biased by an electric and a tilted magnetic field

Electrostatic quantum dots

Creating of electrostatic quantum dots diagram

Creating of electrostatic quantum dots. Schematic showing the p-i-n diode and the thermally-induced diffusion of Mn ions from the p-type (GaMn)As layer towards the AlAs/GaAs/AlAs QW

Array of light-emitting diodes

Array of light-emitting diodes using electrostatic quantum dots

Neuron-like Semiconductor Microstructure

Solid state neuron structure diagram

Solid state neuron structure

Spiking in solid state neuron diagram

Spiking in solid state neuron

  • For self-funded PhD students, I currently offer theoretical projects in areas of Non-equilibrium Dynamics of Coherent Quantum SystemsElectrophononics (quantum transport driven by acoustic stimuli) and Modeling of Cognitive Processes.
  • For both BSc and MPhys finalists, I offer theoretical research projects related to Nonlinear Charge Transport in Semiconductor Nano-structuresResonant Transport of Cold Atoms, and Synchronization of Noise-Induced Oscillations (synchronization of stochastic neurons).

Prospective PhD students and finalists are welcome to contact me to discuss possible research projects.

  • Head of the Department
  • REF Champion
  • Mental Health First Aider