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Dr Christian W Dawson

Photo of Dr Christian W Dawson

Senior Lecturer

I joined the Department in 1999 and am a member of the Department's Intelligent and Interactive Systems Research Group.  I was UG Admissions Tutor for a number of years, the Department's Director of Studies and the PG Admissions Tutor.  I am now Part B and Placement Tutor. During my time at Loughborough I have been involved with the development of statistical downscaling software for the Environment Agency (you can download this software free and have completed my second book on Computing Projects with Addison Wesley.

Research areas

  • Environmental Modelling
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Rainfall-Runoff Modelling
  • Sports Performance Analysis
  • Editorial Board Member of Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience.
  • External Examiner - Nottinngham Trent University, UK 0 undergraduate degree programmes in Computer Science
  • DMIN Programme Committee Member - 10th International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas, 21-24 July, 2014.
  • Elected member of the IACCS Board (International Association of Computer Science in Sport).
  • DMIN Programme Committee Member - 9th International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas, 22-25 July, 2013.


  • Khaled Shaban: Evaluating and Measuring Player's Performance by Generating Multi-dimensional Profiles (Christian Dawson & Shaheen Fatima)
  • Mohammad Alsuwaiket: Assisting Students in Higher Education with Their Career Decision Using Data Mining Techniques (Christian Dawson & Firat Batmaz)
  • Sara Al-Ruzeiqi: Environmental Modelling (Christian Dawson & Eran Edirisinghe)
  • Fatin Alkahtani: Data Quality (Ray Dawson & Christian Dawson)
  • Gharib Al-Matroushi: (Eran Edirisinghe & Christian Dawson)
  • Foziah Gazzawa: (Russell Lock & Christian Dawson)
  • Ali Najib: (Eran Edirisinghe & Christian Dawson)


  • Eman Said Al Abri: Modelling ozone with AI methods (Eran Edirisinghe & Christian Dawson)
  • Simardeep Singh Saini: Mimicking Human Player Strategies in Fightin Games Using Game Artificial Intelligence Techniques (Paul Chung & Christian Dawson)
  • Mohamad Saiful Haji Omar: A Novel Workflow Management System for Handling Dynamic Process Adaptation and Compliance (Paul Chung & Christian Dawson)
  • Aslina Saad: A Case-based System for Lesson Plan Construction (Paul Chung & Christian Dawson)
  • Ahmed Shubati: A Methodology for Developing Second Life Environments Using Case-based Reasoning (Christian Dawson & Ray Dawson)
  • Mark Madden: Cartoons Beyond Clipart (Paul Chung & Christian Dawson)
  • Colin Harpham: Development of a Novel Radial Basis Function Network Using Genetic Algorithms (Christian Dawson & Martin Brown)