Loughborough joins Turing University Network

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Loughborough is delighted to announce it is joining the Turing University Network.

The network, part of The Alan Turing Institute, offers UK universities with an interest in data science and AI the opportunity to engage and collaborate both with the Institute and its broader networks in academia, industry and the public sector. 

It first launched as a pilot in April 2023 and now has 65 members. 

The network supports the Institute in achieving its three ambitious goals: advance world-class research and apply it to national and global challenges, build skills for the future, and drive an informed public conversation. 

Loughborough’s expertise in data science and AI spans the mathematics of cognitive systems, advanced computing, smart devices and materials, and the engineering of autonomous systems and roboticsIt has recently established a new Cyber Security Centre, led by Professor Tim Watson, and academics from across the University work with a range of industry partners and government stakeholders to address emerging challenges in the areas of AI and big data. 
Speaking about Loughborough’s membership, the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research, Professor Dan Parsons said: “Data science and AI continue to grow in importance, and at Loughborough research is already underway across many different disciplines focussed on these key areas. We look forward to working with the other network partners to grow knowledge and share expertise.” 

Dr Jean Innes, Chief Executive Officer of The Alan Turing Institute, said: “We’re really pleased to welcome our new members to the network. We hope that they will benefit from being part of our data science and AI group and find opportunities for new, meaningful collaborations across the data science and AI landscape.”