The Energy research theme is a multi-disciplinary research team comprising physical, inorganic, organic and computational chemists collaborating within a vibrant research culture.

The group delivers high quality research from fundamental studies to real-world applications. Their research is driven by the depletion of conventional energy resources and the pressing need for sustainable alternatives and naturally has synergy with the sustainability theme and the centre for the science of materials. Working closely with physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists, materials scientists, social scientists, economists and engineers, they try to find effective solutions for complex issues in the energy sector.

The department of chemistry is part of the CDT in Hydrogen which is led at Loughborough by Professor Wijayantha.

Professor Upal Wijayantha

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Areas of interest

Renewable Energy generation; Energy Storage; CO2 reduction/conversion/trapping; Material Preparation/Processing Under Microwave

Recent Publication from the Wijayantha Group:

Printed, fully metal oxide, capacitive humidity sensors using conductive indium tin oxide inks

McGhee, J, Sagu, J, Southee, D, Evans, PSA, Wijayantha-Kahagala-Gamage, U

ACS Applied Electronic Materials, 2020, 2, 3593-3600.

Free institutional repository version download link

Dr Pooja Goddard

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Areas of interest

Computational studies of fundamental processes in complex materials at the atomic/quantum scale

Recent Publication from the Goddard Group:

Design Parameters for Ionic Liquid–Molecular Solvent Blend Electrolytes to Enable Stable Li Metal Cycling Within Li–O2 Batteries

Neale, AR, Sharpe, R, Yeandel, SR, Yen, CH, Luzyanin, KV, Goddard, P, Petrucco, EA, Hardwick, LJ

Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31, 2010627

Dr Iain Wright

Lecturer in Materials Chemistry

Areas of interest

Organic electronics; Coordination chemistry; Heterocyclic chemistry; Electrochemistry; Photophysics

Recent Publication from the Wright Group:

Homoconjugation enhances the photophysical and electrochemical properties of a new 3D intramolecular charge transfer iptycene displaying deep blue emission

Montanaro, S, Congrave, DG, Etherington, MK, Wright, I

Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2019, 7, 12886-12890

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Dr Kenny Jolly


Areas of interest

Atomistic and continuum computer simulation; understanding of nuclear graphite and how it responds to the high dose irradiation it receives in a nuclear reactor.

Recent Publication from the Jolley Group:

Modelling defect evolution in irradiated graphite

Y Zhou, K Jolley, R Phillips, R Smith, H Wu

Carbon 2019, 154, 192-202

Free institutional repository version download link