Recovering the Women of Ancient Greek Myth: A Talk by Emily Hauser (LU Literary Festival)

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Join us for a historical fiction talk with writer Emily Hauser

*** This event is part of LU Literary Festival 2024 ***

In her talk, Emily will return to one of the oldest stories of Greek myth – the Trojan War – and ask what happens when we look at the story from the point of view of the women. What did Helen really look like? Did the Amazons really cut off one of their breasts to fight in battle at Troy? And who was the Amazon queen with whom Achilles fell in love – and, according to some sources, had a child?

Bringing myth and history together, Emily will explore what historical fiction can do for us in re-imagining the stories and the voices of the women of ancient Greek myth. Combining both her expertise as an ancient historian and her creative voice as an author, this will be an account of ancient women that spans thousands of years, and examines some of the oldest and best-loved Greek myths through new eyes.

Emily Hauser writes historical fiction, focusing on the untold stories of the women of ancient Greece and Rome. She has published 4 novels, the most recent of these being Ancient Love Stories. This illustrated collection retells love stories from history.

Hauser is also a Senior Lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Exeter. She has given talks at universities, schools and libraries about myths of the ancient world.

Stanley Evernden Theatre has step-free access.


Stanley Evernden Theatre, LE11 3TU

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