Celebrating Inspirational Women

LU Arts is delighted to partner up with the Women’s Network on this exciting project that has asked students to identify a woman that has meant something to them, either personally or through their achievements, and celebrate them through illustrations and creative writing. We have divided the women selected by the students into three distinct categories, namely personal relationships, politics and popular culture.

The students have recognised a cross section of women, both historical and contemporary and personal and political. Some will be well known but others will make visible notable achievements that many will be unaware of. The project also highlights the creativity of Loughborough students, many of whom will be studying non creative subjects, and the impact that these women have had on their lives.

As part of International Women's Week 2020, the Women's Network are working alongside LU Arts to celebrate a range of inspirational self-identifying women.

The project involves students using different art forms to portray a woman who inspires them, whether that be through poetry, illustration or play-writing. Simultaneously, we will celebrate the talent and creativity of students at Loughborough and the different ways they have used art to convey the women who inspire them.

As an association in the section Welfare and Diversity, the Women's Network works to both educate people about women's struggles and celebrate their achievements, and this festival does exactly that by informing people of the obstacles women face whilst also celebrating their successes despite these struggles.

Chloe Morgan
Chair - Loughborough Women’s Network