Sally Sheinman: What Makes You, You?

Artist Sally Sheinman has been interpreting answers sent by Loughborough University students to the question 'what makes you you?'.

WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? is an on-going, interactive social media project. You submit an answer to the question 'what makes you/you?'. Your answer then acts as an inspiration for a unique digital image. We will be sharing Sally's creations on Instagram throughout January 2021.

To send your answer, head over to Instagram @lborowhatmakesyouyou and send your answer as a message! You can also email Sally your response to the question 'what makes you, you?' to⁠

"3/4 fat, 20% steel with a dash of smiles, humour and partying like it’s 1999"⁠
"The freedom to express my passion whilst doing my family and hometown proud."⁠
"The people I choose to surround myself with, not taking things too seriously and the PG Tips monkey."