Sally Sheinman: What Makes You/You?

Artist Sally Sheinman has been interpreting answers sent in by Loughborough University students to the question 'what makes you, you?'.

WHAT MAKES YOU/YOU? is an on-going, interactive digital art project by the painter Sally Sheinman. From late 2020 to the spring of 2021 Loughborough students and staff have had the opportunity to submit an answer to Sally to the question 'what makes you/you?'. Sally then takes inspiration from these answers to create a unique digital painting on her iPad in response to each one. 

From January to July 2021, LU Arts has been sharing these images on our social media and they have been collated by Sally on the Instagram page she set up for this collaboration @lborowhatmakesyouyou. A selection of these digital images will be displayed on campus during the summer. Look out for further updates on this page and on our social media channels. 

You can find out more about the wider WMYY project here

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