Sustainability mural competition

In November 2023, in partnership with the University's Sustainability team, we launched a competition for students to design a mural for campus which encouraged our students and staff to be more climate conscious.

The competition was open to all current Loughborough University students and the brief asked for a design that raises awareness and understanding of climate issues; and encourages the university community to act to help reduce our impact on the climate.

The judging panel was made up of representatives from across the University and the following winners were chosen:

  • 1st place - Jasia Pang (Graphic Communication, placement year)
  • 2nd place - Candis Boateng (Architecture, final year)
  • 3rd place - Freya Neame (Graphic Communication, final year)

Jasia's winning design has been printed onto large corex panels and installed semi-permanently on campus on the Schofield building. Jasia and the runners-up all receive cash prizes and their work is featured below as well as being showcased on university digital screens throughout Sustainability Fortnight.

A photo of Jasia pang, a female student with long black hair and round glasses

Winner - Jasia Pang

Jasia Pang was born and raised in Hong Kong, and as of 2024 was studying for a BA in Graphic Design in the School of Design and Creative Arts. She’s an illustrator and designer who loves to create fun and playful visuals to reflect brands’ voices and identities. She is passionate about experimenting with textures and colour, and expressing her own culture through her work.

An illustrative mural showing colourful characters and phrases about sustainable practices at Loughborough University with the words 'Sustainability at Loughborough' in the centre
Jasia Pang 'Sustainability at Loughborough'

2nd Place - Candis Boateng

Candis is currently in her final year of studying Architecture. She worked up two designs that delved into the consequences of inadequate waste and resource management on both the Loughborough and London campuses.

She writes of her designs:

"As a society, we often engage in excessive consumption, be it in the form of clothing, food, or other goods. We must take responsibility for our waste to maintain a clean campus environment. To effectively convey this message, I illustrated campus buildings to visually showcase the impact of waste on the environment and highlight the importance of recycling."

An illustrative mural showing someone holding up a photograph in front of the pilkington library at Loughborough University with the words 'Think globally, act locally, together we can make a difference' on the right
Candis Boateng 'Sustainability Mural Design Loughborough'
An illustrative mural showing someone holding up a photograph in front of Loughborough University London with the words 'It's our future, let's do our share' on the right
Candis Boateng 'Sustainability Mural Design London'
Freya, a female student with long blonde hair smiles at the camera

3rd place - Freya Neame

Freya is a Bermudian, UK based Graphics student with a love of branding and innovative design. Her mural design depicts all of the fun ways to get involved in sustainability, whether through societies, gardening society, sustainability volunteering or beekeeping. Freya is passionate about sustainable design and her portfolio represents this extremely well.

A colourful mural design showing characters on a representation of campus partaking in varied sustainable practices with buildings and landmarks of loughborough scattered around the design.
Freya Neame 'Going Sustainable in Loughborough'