Artist Kedisha Coakley is making a new artwork for the University - and wants your help!

LU Arts is currently working with artist Kedisha Coakley to develop a new stained glass artwork for Loughborough University that will be installed in Rutland Building later this year. There are some really high quality stained glass artworks across the University with designs that represent the aspirations, ambitions and focus of the work of the University when they were produced in the 1930s.

Unsurprisingly the figures shown within the stained glass are predominantly white men and so we have invited Kedisha to create a new stained glass artwork that addresses this and represents the Global Majority community of Loughborough, both past and present. The work will be installed in September this year, but we want your input into the content and focus of the design. She wants students and staff from the University’s Global Majority community to get in touch to tell her about your personal histories and reflections on Loughborough.

Kedisha Coakley is well known for creating work that explores colonial histories and investigates ideas of home, memory, class, status, representation and cultural affiliations. Her work incorporates printmaking, sculpture and photography and she seeks to represent those who are often excluded from the narrative of public art. 

As a thank you for taking part, Kedisha will gift you a small artwork and signed postcard – please make sure you provide a postal address if you would like to receive this. 

If you have any questions about this project and the form above, then please email

If you would like to be involved in this project but struggle to answer any of the questions, please fill out your name and contact details only. Kedisha will contact you to explain more about her project and ask you some questions.

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday 10 July 2024

Find out more about Kedisha’s work

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Kedisha Coakley a black woman in her late 30s with long black hair tied up in a white tshirt and large hoop earrings, stands against a white wall

About Kedisha Coakley

Kedisha, a Sheffield-based artist of Caribbean descent, reconsiders objects and cultural symbols, reframing history, race, and culture. Her practice spans sculpture, printmaking, and photography, often casting in bronze, to interrogate Black histories and experiences.