(Artwork credit: Camille de Maximy)

LU Climate Action

LU Climate Action was a campaign that encouraged students to have their say on climate and sustainability issues at the university, and lead in making positive changes across campus.

It included an events series in October that connected students to Loughborough University campus (from wildlife to arts and sports research), an online survey for students to give their views, and a Student Assembly on Monday 21 November 2022, where students met with Loughborough University senior managers to discuss the next steps for positive climate and sustainability-led actions at the university. 

We encouraged students to fill out the survey, attend an event and spread the message to be a part of this project.

LU Arts commissoned Angela YT Chan, a researcher, curator and artist specialising in climate change, to lead this campaign.

Climate Action Survey

The survey was part of the wider campaign LU Climate Action, which included an events series in October and a Student Assembly on 21st November, where students met with LU senior managers to discuss the next steps for positive climate and sustainability-led actions at LU. 

Students answers anonymously shaped the discussions at the Student Assembly, and helped show LU senior managers what students believed are key concerns on sustainability issues across campus and what they feel can be improved as we face urgent climate change. 

The winners of the prize draw to win one of three £100 vouchers to spend at Eco Replenishers, Zerowaste & Refill Shop in Loughborough will be announced soon.

The deadline to complete this survey has now passed.

LU Climate Action Events

Events took place in October as part of the wider campaign: 

Campus Conservation Walk

As part of the LU Climate Action campaign, student environmental society Loughborough Greens and LU’s arborist (tree expert) Rich Fenn-Griffin led a pleasant stroll through Burleigh Wood at the edge of campus on Monday 3 October 2022. They exploreed the history and ecology of this ancient wood; attendees learnt about the local biodiversity of trees and other wildlife, and familiarised themselves with their closest access to nature. 

Sports, Development and Climate Action 

On Wednesday 26 October Angela YT Chan hosted a discussion event with Dr James Esson (UG Programme Director (Geography and Environment and Reader in Human Geography) and Dr Jamie Kenyon (Senior Lecturer in Sport Management). The conversation touched on the guests' areas of research and how they relate sports and development to today’s urgent climate and sustainability challenges.

Student Assembly

LU Arts hosted a Climate Action Student Assembly on Monday 21 November 2022 in the University Council Chambers.

Following on from our Conservation Walk and Sports, Development & Climate Change event, the student assembly helped increase visibility and raise awareness of issues around global climate and ecological change.  The discussion was informed by the collection of students’ ideas and actions from the past month, most notably the results of the student survey, which were illustrated by Illustrator and Researcher Karen Sung, and presented on postcards to atendees. Student representatives from Societies, Student Networks/Associations and LSU were invited to attend this event as well as managers from across the University. 
Artist Angela YT Chan started the assembly with a thought exercise to imagine a greener future, inspired by shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, which invigorated and replenished the senses.