James William Grant - Loughborough Campus Dystopia

After being impressed by his work in the 2022 Fine Art Degree Show, LU Arts commissioned James William Grant to produce this playful composite image, which reimagines Loughborough University as a noir-ish cyberpunk landscape.
Loughborough Campus Dystopia was produced using a process Grant refers to as ‘photo-modelling’. This utilizes creative approaches in both 2D and 3D, and combines a fine art approach to image creation with the workflow patterns of concept art. Photographs of the built environment on campus, around Loughborough and further afield were developed using 3D design software, which was also used to provide the work with its distinctive, moody aesthetic. The image’s composition was informed by the ‘Pareto principle’, which argues that 80% of a work’s impact comes from 20% of its content. 
The finished work has a wry humour and encourages us to look at the built environment with fresh eyes: eagle-eyed viewers will discover many familiar landmarks made strange by Grant’s vision and technique.
Grant describes his work as a form of self-portraiture, which, ‘fuelled by a subconscious dreamlike playfulness’, draws the audience ‘into a snippet of my mind, influenced by art, popular culture and lived experience from childhood to the present.’ After graduating from Loughborough earlier this year, Grant hopes to find work in concept art for film.
For more information on the University’s arts collection, please visit lboro.ac.uk/arts/arts-collection.

Location of the work

This work was displayed at the Freshers' Fair in October and is now on display in Pilkington Library for the foreseeable future. You can find it on the Ground Floor on the wall opposite the PC Clinic (to the right when you enter via the main entrance).