Banner image credit: Kher Shin Goh (Bachelor of Arts 2021-25)

International Students Day - 17 Nov

International Students Day, celebrated on November 17th, is an important occasion at Loughborough University, highlighting the diverse and invaluable contributions of our international students to the vibrant network of our academic community.

LU Arts recognizes the vital role that creativity plays in the lives of international students and the immense impact it has on our university.
Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of fostering creativity, offering platforms for artistic expression, and providing opportunities for international students to develop their creative talents. Our exhibitions and events have been a testament to the incredible talent and cultural richness that our international students bring to the fore.
This year, in collaboration with The International Students Network at LSU, we're thrilled to offer a unique opportunity for international students to showcase their work or art forms through our social media platforms. We invite all international students to contribute and be part of this celebration by filling out the form below and sharing their creativity with our community on social media.

Create & Connect

Creative Workshops and networking sessions for International students

We are currently running Create & Connect, an 8-week program designed for international students.

This program, a collaboration between the International Student Experience Team in Student Services and LU Arts, aims to connect international students, help them adapt to life in Loughborough, and engage in creative activities.
Each session includes creative elements, from artist-led workshops to an arts trolley filled with paints and craft materials.

Student Showcase

Kher Shin Goh

Kher Shin is currently undertaking a Creative Internship at New Era Cap.

Their illustration below was for the poem on page 20 of our LU Arts journal.

They also recieved a Special Commendation for their entry to our Digital Mural Design Competition in 2021, which can be seen at the top of this page.

A mockup of an open book with an illustrative border and poem
Kher Shin a Malaysian student wears round glasses and smiles up at the camera, whilst also holding a camera.
"My name is Kher Shin and I’m a Graphic Design student. My focus is on illustration and hopefully branding in the future. Being an international student from Malaysia, Loughborough University has given me this opportunity to explore my illustrative skills and create something unique, which I think is really fortunate (and fun!).
Bringing Brownie, Sparrow, and Giant from the poem to life was a beautiful experience. I have always enjoyed character designing and through this project, I explored and stylized different features that could potentially bring out their individuality for each of them."

Past exhibitions

On-campus exhibition commemorated the lost lives of Ukrainian students

An exhibition held on the third floor of the Pilkington Library in March 2023 revealed the untold stories of students in Ukraine who lost their lives to the war.

‘Unissued Diplomas’ honoured 36 Ukrainian students who were never able to graduate because they were killed in the war. The exhibition was held at more than 45 universities across the world and marked one year since the war began.

Unissued Diplomas aimed to raise awareness of the daily struggle Ukrainian citizens faced and are still facing, referencing how students ‘used to spend their days in study halls’ whereas now they see their ‘classrooms turned into bomb shelters’.