Industrial Design Professor takes a trip down memory lane as he reunites with former cohort

Dr Mark Evans was recently joined by a group of Industrial Design alumni celebrating their 30th anniversary reunion on the Loughborough University campus. 

a group of alumni stood on a staircase

The group of sixteen alumni reconnected during the Easter break to revisit the Loughborough campus and meet with their former lecturer on a day full of tours, reminiscing and reconnecting during their pearl anniversary. 

The Saturday afternoon consisted of a campus tour where the group explored the everchanging campus and received a tour of the Design School building which opened seventeen years after their graduation. The group was able to immerse themselves into the experiences of a current Loughborough design student.  

Following the tour, the group shared their careers following Loughborough during a roundtable discussion. Alumni revisited the roots of their Industrial Design degree and how the transferrable skills they learnt took them on a variety of career paths including pursuits in design, IT, business, academia and the diplomatic service.  

Dr Mark Evans shared his experience of the reunion in a LinkedIn post. He wrote:  

‘’I have two abiding memories of the afternoon – going from recognising just a few faces when we first gathered outside the building to clearly remembering everyone by the time I said goodbye; and a time warp moment during the round table discussion when it could have been 1994 and we were having a design crit.’’ 

He continued by sharing what made the reunion particularly remarkable for him:  

‘’I have taught many students over the years but, as my first cohort from enrolment to graduation, this was a special group, and it was wonderful to reconnect.’’ 

Share with us your reunion and friendship stories, we’d love to hear them!