Alumnus releases ‘Before You Step Into The Office’

A screenshot of the front and back cover of the book 'Before You Step Into The Office' by Rob Yeo.

Rob Yeo (Engineering Physics 1995) has released a book, Before You Step Into The Office, aimed at final-year students and new graduates.

Before You Step into the Office is a manifesto for early career leadership inspired by Rob’s two university-aged children stepping onto the career ladder. 

Rob said: 

“I've found that almost everyone I've worked with as an Executive Coach, me included, would have benefitted from starting on this leadership journey earlier in our professional lives.” 

Rob has curated a toolkit which offers practical tips for thriving in the modern professional landscape. The book challenges the assumptions of ‘follow your passion’ and ‘work harder’ and encourages readers to invest in personal development. 

It aims to help young professionals build a strong foundation and increase their chances of success in their early careers. 

Check out Rob’s book Before You Step Into The Office on Amazon.