Loughborough alumni in Nigeria connect in first online gathering

A close up/headshot of Ashley and Jethro and they are both smiling at the camera.

International Alumni Ambassadors Jethro Akaito (Pharmaceutical Science and Medicinal Chemistry 2021) and Ashley Stewart (International Management 2008) launched their first-ever online gathering for alumni in Nigeria, with 21 attendees joining in for a lively session.

The event begun with introductions from Jethro and Ashley, establishing a platform for future events within Nigeria. Participants then took turns sharing three interesting facts about themselves, sparking engaging conversations.  

A fun trivia session followed, testing knowledge of Loughborough’s history and notable alumni. Attendees also discussed goals for the network, expressing interest in regular meetups. 

Our ambassadors were pleased with the turnout and they are excited about establishing the group further. 

We look forward to seeing how this network will continue to grow and evolve in the future with alumni eager to stay connected. The next activity will see the Vice-Chancellor visit Lagos for an alumni and offer-holder event. 

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