Sport in Singapore: Alumnus publishes a trilogy of books

Alumnus Nick Aplin has published a trilogy of books that examine the development of sport in Singapore since the 1830s and provide an overview of developments since independence in 1965.

The cover of the first book in the trilogy. Text reading 'Sports in Singapore; The colonial legacy'

Nick graduated from Loughborough with a BEd in Physical Education in 1976 and an MSc in Sports Science in 1985. Following his studies he moved to live and work in Singapore.

He was involved in PE teacher training at the College of Physical Education during the amalgamation with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

In 2020 and after retirement he decided to conquer a set of challenges that related to his studies and early  career. He was hired as the Deputy Director, Sport Heritage at the statutory board 'Sport Singapore'.

Embarking on his new challenge, he has published his three books, titled Sport in Singapore: The Colonial Legacy, Sport in Singapore: The Rocky Road to Kallang Park and Sport in Singapore: Visions for Change.  

The first book talks about the impact of colonialism on the development of sport on the islands and how dominant elements of the sporting culture are identified. The second book discusses how from the point on many changes have happened leading up to the formation of the Singapore Sports Council (SSC). Finally, the last book delves deeper into the vision for change based off the development of sports values through out the years.

Good job Nick!

Check out the trilogy.