Alumnus edits textbook on children’s sport and exercise medicine

Book cover with text reading: Oxford textbook of Children's sport and exercise medicine

Neil Armstrong has taken part in editing the 4th edition of the Oxford Textbook of Children’s Sport and Exercise Medicine.

There are chapters on 20 new topics, presented in four sections: Exercise Science, Exercise Medicine, Sport Science, and Sport Medicine, with 54 chapters authored by 104 internationally renowned scientists and clinicians from 67 universities in 25 countries.  

This primary aim of the fourth edition is to provide an updated comprehensive reference text with a sound scientific evidence-based foundation to support and challenge scientists, medical practitioners, professionals allied to medicine, senior coaches, physical educators, and students involved in youth sport and/or paediatric exercise science and medicine. 

Neil graduated with a BEd in Physical Education in 1971 and followed that with a MSc in Human Biology in 1972. He taught physical education in Loughborough schools before moving to Liverpool Polytechnic and then to the University of Exter where he earned his PhD and DSc. He established and directed the Children’s Exercise and Health Research Centre and the School of Sport and Health Sciences, before being appointed Provost and Senior Vice-President of the University of Exeter. 

Check out the 4th edition textbook online.