Stepping forward: Pavegen launches new crowdfunding campaign

Pavegen tiles in a footpath. There are blurred images of two people walking on the tiles at night time.

Laurence Kemball-Cook is the Founder and CEO of Pavegen, an innovative company harnessing the power of kinetic energy to convert it to off-grid electricity. After more than 700 prototypes, new engineering development, and with over 250 installations in 37 different countries, Pavegen has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to garner new investment.

Laurence was studying Industrial Design and Technology at Loughborough when he started prototyping his ideas for flooring technology – and he launched the company shortly after graduating in 2009.

The idea was to create a floor tile that could power the world.

Paired with people power, the tiles have the potential to make a real impact on sustainable power and in changing the ways in which people act.

How does it work?

Every footstep counts. The weight from each step across the tiles creates a small vertical movement of 5-10mm that compresses an electromagnetic generator and creates rotary motion – this produces 2-4 joules of off-grid, clean energy.

The tiles have been installed in permanent and temporary locations across the world.

Recent experiential installations have included a kinetic dance floor in Chicago, USA for St. Patrick’s Day, a fan experience with Minnesota Vikings, and a kinetic brand experience at the London and Chicago marathons.

A brand-new permanent installation has been set up in Telford, UK, by the local council, who aim to tackle a common problem with the energy that is created – low battery charge in mobile phones.

People can walk, run or dance across the tiles to generate power to be used immediately, or stored off-grid.

Children moving on Pavegen tiles. There are people in the background watching, and behind them is a building.

‌Brand new crowdfunding campaign

Pavegen is ready to level up again and has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to attract investment that will help to supercharge the next steps in its development.

On a mission to help create a cleaner planet, Pavegen is looking for investment to target fast-growing markets – including capitalising on environment, social and governance (ESG) and green building investment that is growing worldwide.

With a 100% growth revenue in 2022, Pavegen’s further growth plan includes investing in the team, delivering new products and services, and working on product development to bring the technology to roads, work on solar products, and enhance existing data and analytics platforms.

For the first time, Pavegen is also releasing shares within the business.

The team – bringing together Loughborough minds

Launched and headed up by alumnus Laurence, the team at Pavegen consists of kinetic energy innovators, technicians, designers, engineers and marketers.

Over the years, many Loughborough students and alumni have been part of the business.

As well as Laurence, there are currently five Loughborough students and alumni employed at Pavegen.

  • Charlotte Mason, Non-Executive Director (MEng Manufacturing and Management 1991)
  • Hugh Johnston, Head of Design (BSc Product Design and Technology 2020)
  • Katie Joyce, Product Manager (BSc Product Design and Technology 2015)
  • Ross Pitcher, Designer Lead (BSc Product Design and Technology 2021)
  • Current Product Design and Technology student Nabila, working in the design team on placement year.

Laurence is bringing together the power of fellow Loughborough graduates for the development of what was initially his own student innovation.

With growth in the Pavegen team on the horizon, keep an eye on out for potential career opportunities.

The crowdfunding campaign, launching on Crowdcube, opens to the public on 2 October, with in-person events and showcases also taking place. If you’re near Birmingham (UK), head to the Bullring on 13 October to check it out.