A Loughborough friendship turned into love: Another Loughborough Wedding

Zeyad and Nour on their wedding day.

Zeyad began his Loughborough University journey in 2014, pursuing his studies in Mechanical Engineering. Nour had joined the University two years later, starting her BA degree in Graphic Communication and Illustration. The couple crossed paths in 2017; within the Arab Society. They were both part of the committee with Nour serving as Chair and Zeyad as Treasurer.

They initially met at the Edward Herbert Building (EHB), to discuss plans and events for the Arab Society, and what started as a professional meeting turned into a wonderful friendship, and later blossomed into a beautiful love story.

The wedding took place in Cairo, Egypt in August 2023, at a spectacular venue. Zeyad and Nour were both born and raised outside their home country, and they were keen on having the wedding in their home country to celebrate with their families and friends. Many Loughborough University alumni attended the wedding, and guests from various areas around the world joined to celebrate the special bond. It was a beautiful celebration that everyone enjoyed.

Zeyad graduated in 2019; with a MSc and Nour graduated a year later, both leaving Loughborough University to follow their dreams. Zeyad is now a Laboratory Instructor at the American University of the Middle East (Kuwait), pursuing a career in academics and research, while Nour is currently working on her passion project and enterprise “Culture Mocktail” with Aisha Aldris another Loughborough alumna. Culture Mocktail is a creative platform, podcast and community, dedicated to helping people unfold, embrace and connect with their cultural identities. Nour and Aisha hold interactive booths, conduct workshops and have just released their own card game, that has launched in Cairo and will be launching in London and Riyadh soon.

Loughborough University has created a splendid environment for all its alumni to grow and achieve their ambitions and in the case of Nour and Zeyad, it helped build a beautiful lifelong bond.

Congratulations to the happy couple.