Alumnus Zak Marks saves lives with his Anaphylaxis Kitt

Four members of the Anaphylaxis Kitt team.

Ava, a 14-year-old girl, recently had a severe allergic reaction that could have been life threatening if it wasn’t for the Anaphylaxis Kitt created by Zak Marks and Kitt Medical team.

After forgetting she had her adrenaline pens with her, she remembered spotting the recently installed Anaphylaxis Kitt on a wall, and this was used for the first time to help Ava.

After suffering with allergies throughout his life, Zak realised how essential it was to take anaphylaxis very seriously, and to create awareness. In some cases, it could be life threatening, and so his and the team’s goal with the Anaphylaxis Kitt, is to provide emergency medication in all public spaces and ensure that emergency allergy medication is accessible to anyone who needs it, when they need it most.

Zak Marks graduated with a BA in Industrial Design and Technology in 2020 and came up with the idea to make something that could store, monitor and provide training for emergency anaphylaxis medication in public places during his final year project.

The Anaphylaxis Kitt service was officially launched in 2023, partnering with over 150 schools, more than 2,000 staff members were trained, and the devices will help to provide safety and support to over 85,000 students across the UK.

Well done, Zak!

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