Alumnus Johnny has thirst for adventure

Johnny Ward, a Loughborough alumnus, is an advocate of ‘lifestyle design’ – a way to find balance between work and restoration – and has taken on an incredible range of adventurous challenges across the globe, and he’s not finished yet!

Johnny Ward
Johnny Ward

Over 11 years Johnny has visited every country in the world (about 200 countries), as well as visiting the North and South poles. He’s also climbed six out of seven highest summits across the continents, and even rowed across the Atlantic Ocean!

It’s the dream of most climbers, adventurers and explorers to be able to climb the highest point on each continent, and he only has one left, Mount Vinson in Antarctica.

Johnny graduated with a BSc in International Economics in 2006 and undertook a range of different careers before he started his travel blog, and his path has completely changed since.

Currently, Johnny is running a non-profit organisation called Mudita Adventures that brings in adventurers to local communities to help finish development projects. The adventurers then travel together.

And in terms of more challenges, he’s planning on cycling across the US, and climbing the highest peak in every country in Europe in one summer with the aim of breaking the world record in the process.

Good luck with your adventures, Johnny.

You can follow Johnny’s adventures on his website, One Step4Ward.