Chancellor Lord Sebastian Coe awarded with honorary doctorate title in Hungary

Lord Coe holding a certificate. He stands in between two other men.

Alumnus and Chancellor of the University, Lord Sebastian Coe was awarded an honorary doctorate title at the Hungarian University of Sports Science based in Budapest, Hungary, earlier this month.

The two-time Olympic champion middle-distance runner and World Athletics President visited the Hungarian University of Sports Science in the summer when the World Athletics Championships took place in Budapest.

He held a short lecture on the responsibilities of coaches, the beauty and difficulties of the profession and, of course, the experiences of the 2023 World Athletics Championships.

On 10 November, Lord Coe became the Hungarian University of Sports Science’s 50th honorary doctor. He was received by university management and other distinguished guests including Hungarian sport diplomats, leaders and politicians.

The University’s Rector, Professor Tamás Sterbenz, said:

"Over the past one-hundred years, our institution awarded forty-nine honorary doctorates to significant people such as former IOC Presidents Juan Antonio Samaranch and Jacques Rogge. Lord Coe is our first British honouree, and we are very grateful for him that we had the unforgettable Athletics World Championships in Budapest in August, with the university’s new sports complex serving as one of the training grounds of the event".

Congratulations Lord Coe.