From Loughborough Students’ Gymnastics club to happily ever after

Ryan and Rosie doing gymnastics at their wedding

Ryan and Rosie Taylor-Travers met at the Loughborough Students’ Gymnastics club in 2015. They were members of the club for the entire time they were studying at Loughborough, and they also played other sports during their time at the University.  

Ryan and Rosie holding hands at their wedding

Ryan graduated with a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science (Gymnastics) in 2017, and Rosie graduated with a BSc in Psychology in 2016.  


The couple tied the knot on 11 August 2023 in the Lake District, where many former members of the Loughborough cheerleading, rugby and gymnastics teams shared and celebrated their special day with them.  


Ryan and Rosie currently run a joint personal training and pilates business together outside of their day jobs and believe that Loughborough will always be a part of their lives.  


Congratulations to the happy couple!