Alumnus co-authors book on Exercise   

In 1965, Professor David Brodie started his educational journey at Loughborough and earned a degree in Physical Education. He later pursued a MSc and a PhD in Human Sciences Research in 1980. 

Title of the book : Exercise - a scientific and clinical overview

Professor Brodie was one of the first BEd students back in 1965, and his career took him from teaching Physical Education to becoming a Chair in Cardiovascular Health.

His latest book, 'Exercise - a scientific and clinical overview,' has recently been published. Co-authored with Dr Hugh Bethell, the book discusses what exercise is and its effect on individuals, how that effect is measured, and, most importantly, the advantages it brings. The book covers many different topics, such as current societal norms, exercising throughout a lifetime, the complications, and connections between behavioural psychology and exercise.  

Professor Brodie has published many other books, including two novels “June the Twenty Fourth” and his first novel “Treacherous Games” which makes many indirect references to Loughborough. 

He also has a series of children’s books based on the character ‘Purple Pup’. 

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