The Loughborough family meets Net World Sports

An image of five men posing in front of the Net World Sports Headquarters.

Net World Sports is a company that designs and manufactures sports, fitness, leisure, home and garden products.

A relatively young company, they currently employ several Loughborough graduates from a range of degree courses. Here we find out about the variety of roles our graduates are in, what attracted them to the company, and how Loughborough helped them on their career journey

Jack Sivill graduated with a degree in Sports Technology in 2020 and shared what attracted him to Net World Sports after graduating. He said:  

“The culture and ambition. Relocating to North Wales from Sussex would have been a much more daunting task if it wasn’t for the close-knit family feel which has been created in the office. Being able to maintain this whilst experiencing the rapid growth the company has seen over the last few years makes it that much more impressive.” 

Much like Jack, Nathan Mugford graduated in Sports Technology in the same year and now works as a Product Design Team Lead at Net World Sports. Nathan spoke about how his time at Loughborough helped with his career at the company: 

“Both my course, Sports Technology, and the University really propelled me into the working environment, especially at Net World sports.  

Net World is a young and vibrant company which puts a lot of trust into the hands of graduates, and Loughborough equipped me to deal with the responsibility and pressure of this. Progressing through multiple projects at one time is essential for success here and that is something that Loughborough trained me to do efficiently.”  

The Wrexham-based supplier was founded in 2009 and has expanded to become a real competitor in the sports equipment industry, having recently built a new 411,000 square foot headquarters. 

Net World Sports has become attractive to many of Loughborough’s Sports Technology graduates.  

Daniel Osborne graduated in 2021 and works as a Senior Product Developer for the company. When asked what he enjoys about working for the sports equipment supplier, he said:  

“I think the main thing for me was being able to back my ability from the first day I started working here. I felt my opinion was valued and was able to really work to my best ability, and still feel I get to do that. The things I can say I have accomplished in the 18 months I have been here I feel would not have been possible anywhere else and I can look back and be proud of my accomplishments, yet excited on what’s next for me here too.” 

It’s not just our sports graduates who have started their careers at the company. Sam Wild graduated from Loughborough with a degree in Product Design in 2021 and started working at Net World Sports shortly after graduating. We asked Sam how the organisation has helped develop his career. Sam said: 

“I started at Net World Sports as a junior illustrator, creating instruction manuals and technical documentation for all new products. This was a perfect introduction to understanding flat-pack sports equipment and how it can be designed without compromising function and integrity. I'm now using these skills as a product designer and working on a range of waterpolo goals due to be released later this year.” 

The company is the supplier of more than 10,000 products, with 95% of those products falling under one of their sub-brands. They sell more than 100,000 of their FORZA Football Goals every year, whilst other brands they own include FORTRESS, Vermont, FORB and METIS.

Net World Sports currently supply some of the leading sports teams and organisations around the world, including Premier League teams, FA Wales and the LTA.  

Will Sindall graduated with a History degree in 2017 and has been working as a Logistics manager at the company. The alumnus explained what encouraged him to pursue a career in sport having graduated from a History degree: 

I have always found myself trying to follow my hobbies and interests, at whatever level possible. For me, there is nothing better than making something either relatable or more enjoyable, therefore, regardless of the subject, I would have always wanted to tie my professional career into my interest with sport.” 

Andrew Griffiths graduated with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science in 2003 and works as a Digital Marketing Executive. Andrew worked for various other companies prior to joining Net World Sports. We asked him how working for the Wrexham supplier compares to working for other employers. He said: 

“The people have to be one of the best things about the company. There’s good energy around the office and lots of enthusiasm. Everyone works hard but has a smile on their face at the same time. The job itself is extremely varied. I can be writing about the latest football training equipment in the morning and carrying out a technical SEO audit in the afternoon. There’s more flexibility here, than working for a big corporation for example, and it feels more like a family than a company.” 

Check out the Net World Sports website.