AA2A resident artist completes placement at Loughborough

Klara crouches with materials in front of her and artwork on the walls in the background

Alumna Klara Szafrańska began her artist placement based at Loughborough in October 2022 as part of the national Artists Access to Art Colleges (AA2A) project.

AA2A is a national set of schemes that provide visual artists and design makers with the opportunity to undertake a period of research or realise a project, using workshop and supporting facilities in fine art and design departments of Higher and Further Education institutions.

Klara, who graduated from Loughborough in 2020 with a degree in Fine Art, has had access to workshop space at the University and she was joined by four other artists and design-makers on AA2A placements.

The group are now exhibiting their work in the Martin Hall exhibition space on the Loughborough campus, open from 15 May – 9 June. The work on display showcases a selection of diverse projects completed since October.

Alumna Klara works with sculpture, video and performance. Drawing from socio-political themes like fetish and kitsch, she links the political and social to the visceral, metaphysical and inner. She looks at how the durability and non-disposability of familiar, pretend-to-be-functional objects lure us in with the promise of forever nourishment.

Her work will be exhibited alongside fellow AA2A resident artists, Fiona Carruthers, George Sfougaras, and Natalia Kasprzycka.

During their time at Loughborough, they have each worked variously within print, ceramics, 3D design and metal and have interacted with a multitude of practitioners and researchers. They have collaboratively designed this exhibition, as part of a process of reflection on the work they have produced and where it might lead them.

The artists are in residence with the School of Design and Creative Arts until the end of June 2023. 

The exhibition is open weekdays between 15 May and 9 June from 12-2pm. Find out more.