Creative alumnus shares his career in fine art

A purple background with pink circles on with painting of a woman sitting in a chair in the middle of the canvas.

Philip Tyler trained in Fine Art at the former Loughborough College of Art and Design and has had a continued career in Fine Art and Printmaking since graduation.

A printed portrait of a man in a black vest.
Phil Tyler's portrait

Phil has worked as a lecturer in further education for most of his career since completing his undergraduate and postgraduate education.The alumnus began by teaching art foundation courses at the Richmond upon Thames College and then Brighton Metropolitan College where he ran a part-time foundation course for 20 years. Phil started teaching at the University of Brighton in 2015, working part-time before taking up a fulltime post in 2019 and becoming the course leader of BA Fine Art Printmaking shortly after.  

Phil has also continued to make and exhibit his artwork. His work explores the materiality of painting and its potential to act as a cypher for grief and loss. Phil explores all forms of artwork with his painting and printmaking, including landscape, self-portraits, and his series of Sky Portraits from his appearance on the art competition, Sky Portrait Artist of the year in 2018 and 2019.  

The alumnus has displayed his artwork at numerous institutions, art societies and competitions including the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, The Garrick/Milne Prize and The Lynn Painter-Stainers prize. 

Phil’s work appears in private and public collections across the world including Hong Kong, Sweden, and Australia. In England, the alumnus’ work appears in the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Peterborough Museum, University of Essex: Modern and Contemporary British Art Collection, and Essex andWorthing Museum and Art Gallery 

In addition to his teaching and artwork, Phil takes an interest in research around drawing and drawing pedagogy. The alumnus has had two books released on the topic of painting and drawing. His first book was released in 2015 and focused on research into current trends in figure painting. His second book, focused on drawing and painting the landscape, was published two years later in 2017. Both books were published by the Crowood Press.  

Check out more of Phil’s work on his website or Instagram 

A portrait painting of a man.