Alumnus designs three-wheeled vehicle and re-opens e-bike and repair shop

A purple background with pink circles on with an image of a three wheeled vehicle in the middle of the canvas.

Michael Singleton has recently re-established Happy Bike and designed a one of a kind ‘Trifecta’ bike that is headed for development.

The alumnus graduated in 2011 with a degree in Product Design and Technology and has been working on his cycle projects ever since. Michael’s most notable project is his three-wheeled vehicleTrifecta (also codenamed GB3), that has been in development since 2011. It is the world’s first leaning and folding three-wheeled vehicle. Developed by his company SailGBthe vehicle has been tested on four continents over four prototype generations.  

Trifecta is a research and development project that Michael has been working on since leaving university. The alumnus recognised that the project lacked real-world experience which hindered the progress of Trifecta. This needed experience was gained after the re-establishment of Happy Bike Malvern, a shop that focuses on tailored custom bikes but also provides standard bike services and repairs.  

Michael shared some of his experiences in the cycling industry and with Happy Bike. He said:  

“After tens of thousands of hours working across more disciplines in more factories than I could have imaginedSailGB is readying for production. As Happy Bike's real-world cycling experience continues to spur local cycling culture and feed the development of a reliable trike, our battery, power train and chassis developments will continue to push boundaries of bikes further down the trail.” 

He continued talking about the development of Trifecta: 

“Comfort, practicality and thrill come together in a beautifully designed and engineered tilting, folding, pedal-electric trike. Built for traversing Mongolia or urban rail commutes alike, it was Loughborough University's Industrial Design and Technology course that taught me the skills needed for this adventure.”