Cards and Gift Wrap, a creative alumna business provides sustainable resources for gift wrapping

A purple background with pink circles on with an image of Catherine smiling in and holding her certificate next to Theo Paphitis who is holding her tape the middle of the canvas.

Janet Ross-Jordan started a small retail business selling cards, gift wrap and stationery over 10 years ago and whilst developing her business she found a ‘sticking’ point... sticky tape!

When she initially established Cards and Gift Wrap, Janet's main aim was to make gift wrapping look extra special. Being a full-time mother herself, she recognised how most people do not have time to practice elaborate wrapping techniques. This drive combined with her wish to create an eco-friendly business resulted in the start of her business.  

Cards and Gift Wrap is characterised by its paper tape which is decorated by a variety of unique designs and illustrations. Unlike plastic sticky tape, which is usually non-recyclable and often renders wrapping paper non-recyclable unless it is completely removedJanet has created a recyclable paper tape that is plastic freeIts blooming designs elevate the look of gift wrapping with little effort and time needed and relievesthe labour of recycling your wrapping. 

stacked rolls of decorated paper tape

The alumna began designing her tape after initially designing greeting cards. Her business has been successful, and she recently won the Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday Award- where he commented how much he liked her tape! 

Janet is looking to expand her range and continue designing more cards and gift wrap. The alumna would like to extend her range of Gaelic greeting cards to increase the choice on the market and support the language