Alumna selected as a designer for the Positive Teacher Company and produces a new stationery collection

A purple background with pink circles on with an image of the Midnight Petals journals and an arm in the middle of the canvas.

Hayley Copeland is the designer of the Positive Teacher Company’s new collection Midnight Petals that includes a wide range of stationery and classroom supplies.

An image of Hayley standing at a desk over to journals from the Midnight Petals collection.

The alumna graduated with a degree in Textiles, Innovation and Design in 2018. Since leaving university, she has pursued a career in product design and engineering and is now the Lead Teacher of Engineering at Newhouse Academy. 

Positive Teacher Company is a small business led by teachers for teachers. The online shop stocks stationery, planners, classroom supplies and more and is all designed by teachers. The Midnight Petals collection features an array of products such as an extensive teacher planner, classroom decorations including decorated bunting, a selection of labels and stickersand learning resources.  

Hayley said that this new venture is her favourite thing to have happened this year!