Alumnus releases new book Empathetic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport

Four of Peter Sear's book displayed. the book cover is black and red with the image of two footballers in red kit hugging a man dressed in a suit and celebrating. The text reads'Empathetic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport' 'Peter Sear'

Peter Sear is a psychologist, writer and consultant and his latest book explains how empathy can help leaders to be successful in their work.

Peter completed a PhD at the Institute of Sport Business at Loughborough University London in 2021. The alumnus is a Member of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.  

His latest project covers the popular topic of empathetic leadership. Peter uses his research and experience and incorporates the words of sports leaders of teams to explain how empathy can help leaders be successful.  

The book explores and describes seven distinct aspects of empathy in detail and illustrates each one using stories from male and female head coaches of nine different sports teams competing at the highest level. In his book, Dr Sear uses his research to give practical advice on ways in which readers can improve their leadership including relationship management, trust building and a strong line of communication.  

The alumnus uses his book to highlight how relationships are built between a leader and their teams and suggests that this is because humans are innately more likely to respond to an empathetic leader.  

When speaking on the release of his book Peter said: 

I’m so excited to finally have the book out! My hope is that it makes a real difference to the lives of leaders in sport. And I think sportprovidesa great example to other industries. So, leaders in all industries should get a lot from it.” 

Empathetic Leadership: Lessons from Elite Sport can be purchased online and you can also hear Peter speaking about the book on the US based podcast Deep Leadership