How classical music has formed part of alumnus’ career in academia

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Alumnus and former senior lecturer Professor Derek Clements-Croome shares his involvement in music ensembles as a violinist.

Professor Clements-Croome graduated with a Civil Engineering PhD from Loughborough in 1978. Prior to this, he worked at the University for 11 years as a senior lecturer and with a team he founded and ran the new BSc in Building Environmental Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. 

At the University, Derek led music concerts as a violinist working with his colleagues in the arts department. In 1974 Professor Clements-Croome formed a music ensemble with colleagues. The ensemble performed Cesti’s opera ‘For the Love of Orontea’ at Nottingham University. The performance of the rare opera was so successful that the ensemble received a mention in The Times.  

After leaving Loughborough, his music life continued and he conducted the Argyle String Orchestra in Bath from 1980-1988 where he was also a Reader at Bath University’s School of Architecture and Building Engineering. 

The alumnus has a successful career in Building and Civil Engineering and continues to work as an Emeritus Professor in Architectural Engineering at Reading University. He has an impressive bibliography of journals in his area of research which he has authored across the course of his career. Derek continues to partake in his music life by supporting young musicians.  

When speaking on the impact that music has on his life, Professor Clements-Croome said: 

“This music interest offsets my writing, teaching and research- as Professor Emeritus at Reading University- on the effects of the built environment on people's health and wellbeing, and our connection with nature as described in my latest book Designing Buildings for People.”