Alumna runs creative baking business alongside a successful engineering and technology career

A purple background with pink circles on with an picture of an intricately designed wedding cake in the middle.

Rhoda has had a flourishing career in engineering and technology but has always found fulfilment in her catering and culinary skills.

Rhoda Oppong completed her MSc in Systems Engineering in 2022. The recent graduate has always had a passion for baking and found great enjoyment in bringing smiles to people on special occasions when they savoured her cakes.  

The alumna paused her business when she relocated to Loughborough and focused on her further studies. Although the process was challenging, the alumna shared that it was essential in furthering her education and altering her career path.  

Since completing her MSc, Rhoda and her business have thrived. She now works in tech as a Software Engineering Analyst at Accenture. She found challenges in restarting her business due to relocation, but persevered and opened her baking business Ro's Creme Cakes once again.  

The colourful baked goods are often dressed in intricate designs and garnish. She bakes for various occasions including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations. 

A collage of different cakes and baked goods all intricately designed using frosting, cake ,fruit and other decoration

The alumna shared the benefits of using her creativity in her baking business. She said:  

“You know what they say about "Chasing your passion and money will come"? Yes! That was me using my creativity in baking and making some extra $$ alongside. The contentment I got from bringing smiles to people through my bakery could not be compared to any!” 

She continued: 

“I cannot explain how better I currently feel (physically and mentally) doing something I absolutely love while also being in an amazing job!” 

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Congratulations to Rhoda who was the winner of our creative prize draw!