Group of three alumnae support International Women’s Day activities

International Women's Day graphic with purple and blue shapes

Alumnae Kerrine Bryan, Samantha Emery and Yasamin Fozouni came together online for a special International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration on 6 March.

IWD is celebrated on 8 March every year. This year, the University held a series of events to mark the day, organised by the student Women’s Network and the staff group, Maia.

The alumnae took part in the online talk to share their experiences and celebrate success with one another, under the theme #EmbraceEquity.

The event launched the IWD activities, and was open to staff and students of the University. The trio of alumnae were joined by Dr Sarah Barnard, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Contemporary Work.

The panel opened with a discussion on celebrating the big and small things and they were asked what #EmbraceEquity means to them.

Alumni Advisory Board member, Yasamin, who is based in America, said: “To me, it means embracing how far we have come and hoping for progress in the future.”

Yasamin has a PhD in Computer Science and is working for FedEX as a Senior Scientific Programmer. She gained her BEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering in 2014 from Loughborough and moved to Dallas, Texas to continue her studies.  

Reflecting on the themes, what this means to her and how equity is presented in areas of her career, Kerrine, also based in the United States, said:

“As a hiring manager, I aim to make any opportunities available to everyone to encourage a diverse workforce. As an author, I make sure that the media I put out is accessible and represents a range of people.”

Kerrine is an award-winning engineer and publisher. She has an MBA from Loughborough and she is Assistant Vice President of Energy at WSP USA. She publishes books for children based on career themes in her “My Mummy Is…” series.

International Business alumna Samantha, who is Payments Industry & Development Director at Lloyds Banking Group, added what the theme means to her:

“Embracing the fact that good intentions will not get you there. The work needs to be done to tackle the systems and the structures.”

The panellists each had the opportunity to share pieces of advice with attendees – with a particular focus on the beginning of their careers. What do they wish they’d known?

Kerrine added: “Understanding that giving less than 100% is ok if it means looking after yourself.”

Yasamin urged people to block out any critical voices and to “go with your instincts”, whilst Samantha encouraged people to remain true to themselves.

Thank you to our alumnae for volunteering their time. If you’re interested in volunteering in the future or have a story to share, please get in touch.