Coaching with Liv: Alumna launches lifestyle business aimed to help people make the first step towards change

Olivia standing in front of a light coloured brick wall smiling.

Olivia McQuillan, who graduated from International Relations in 2013, has launched Coaching with Liv, a personal and professional coaching service.

The alumna offers various coaching programmes tailored to individual clients based on their personal needs and development goals.

Olivia’s signature programmes consist of 12-week, six-month and ongoing coaching schemes. Coaching with Liv is intended to help people achieve their goals faster and more confidently. As a lifestyle coach, Olivia’s job is to hold her clients accountable and make them more self-aware in their everyday lives to drive them to reach their goals.

Olivia’s own journey in coaching began whilst working in a different profession. Although she had a successful career, she felt unfulfilled and needed a change. Due to her dissatisfaction, she attended an introductory coaching course and found her niche. Prior to launching Coaching with Liv, the alumna trained with the Coaching Academy for two years and received a qualification for the Personal Performance Coaching Diploma.

Having worked in various mentoring and guidance roles including an apprenticeship initiative and as a volunteer for ChildLine, she had experience of working in advice and counselling roles which eventually led to her own coaching business.

Olivia launched her business at the end of last year. She is working remotely from the Caribbean as her business allows her to work from anywhere in the world.

Students, staff and alumni of Loughborough University can get 20% off Olivia's services. 

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