Alumnus Fadie prepares to test his limits at Marathon des Sables with Loughborough physiology and strength and conditioning specialists

Fadie Shamoon, who graduated in 2005 with his Mechanical Engineering degree, recently returned to Loughborough to use the University’s world-leading heat training facilities in preparation for the Marathon des Sables.

Having previously raised over £9,000 for charity in 2021 by completing the marathon, he is ready to tackle the challenge again this year. 

The Marathon des Sables is recognised as one of the world’s most challenging sporting events with participants battling high temperatures including but not limited to 50 degrees Celsius of Moroccan heat.  

The ultra-marathon stretches over a distance of around 250km and requires its brave challengers to be self-sufficient, carrying their own food and sleeping supplies over the course of the six-day-race. 

Fadie’s interest in running began in 2013 when he started training for shorter distance runs and marathons and eventually, he took part in one of the most challenging races in the world a few years later.  

As part of his preparation for this year's marathon, the alumnus has undergone intense testing at Loughborough's facilities. To aid his training for the marathon Fadie partakes in training which includes having his heart rate, blood lactate and oxygen uptake closely monitored by Loughborough Sport physiologists throughout various stages of his training regime 

Best of luck to Fadie at Marathon des Sables.